What we do

Skatejam is a ramp building educational project that connects young people and communities across the world. We teach skills for designing skateparks while promoting shared experiences between young people from different places and cultures.

The project aims at teaching carpentry, general ramp building techniques, skateboarding and art skills to young people, connecting the youth through the Skatejam network.

To be involved in the construction of a skatepark project, to see it beign used and use it afterwards, should give young people a rewarding lifetime experience, which will also provide them with a strong sense of belonging to the community.

Skatejam intends to promote and stimulate lasting upturns in low-income communities, encouraging and empowering the youth to develop new skills.

Our mission

Skatejam seeks to establish a powerful link between youth of different countries, creating a worldwide network of skateparks.

– To design, build and teach the youth how to construct skate ramps.
- To satisfy leisure needs in local communities.
- To establish the park as a community project.
- To make the practice of skateboard accessible to everyone.
- To unite young people and their communities.
- To generate a better working relationship between the youth and society.
- To promote interaction and physical activities.
- To give youth a sense of belonging in their community.

Exchanging experiences, sharing tricks, linking schools, building ramps and supporting communities.

According to The International Association of Skateboard Companies in 2003 there were more than twenty million skaters internationally.

Today, this number is estimated at more than 100 million skaters across the world.

The Skatejam programme includes video tutorials, ramp building techniques, carpentry and street art classes.

Illustration workshops, computing classes, music and dance can also be part of the programme.

How it works

Projects are developed according to the needs of each community.
All the proposals will be considered and each one will be analysed and planned individually, and then introduced to the community.

Once the project is approved, Skatejam will start a campaign to raise the necessary funds. See campaign.

Fundraising campaigns can occur at special events, festivals and fairs and using crowdfunding online platforms. In these events Skatejam showcases skateboard culture, by virtue of skateboard performances together with b-boys, djs, mcs, bands and live graffiti, giving the full picture of what Skatejam is about.

We hope to express the importance and positive aspects of skateboarding, while raising awareness to the problems faced by the communities and discuss ways to tackle these problems.

The project’s programmes can be linked to schools, orphanages, cooperatives, other NGOs or to the community as a whole.

What we believe

We believe skateboarding is a positive and rewarding sport for everyone;
We believe skateboarding is a positive and healthy physical activity for today’s youth;
We believe the practice and development of skateboard skills should be accessible to everyone;

We believe skateboarding to be a vital platform for people to learn how to focus, build up their confidence and communicate as well as being a good alternative to street life.

Supporting a big change!

Supporting recreational programmes and focusing on the creation of public skateparks in low-income communities, Skatejam will favour schools and clearly produce ongoing positive results in society.

In less developed countries, Skatejam will also assist schools and local communities associated to the programme with extra funds to improve their infrastructure and donate equipment such as computers, screen printing press, carpentry tools, books and much more.


A skatepark is a place where young people can meet, skate together and socialise and it can, eventually, become a destination for other skaters in the region.
The skatepark will be of a great value showing support for youth, non-traditional sports, and a huge reward for those who helped to build the ramp.

• To provide a top quality regional attraction;
• To strengthen community image and creates a sense of belonging;
• To contribute to the health and physical well-being of the community;
• To allow for positive youth development in a safe, secure environment;
• To develop new community partnerships;
• To teach young people carpentry and ramp building techniques;
• To help kids’ focus and improve their confidence;

A skatepark is a safe social venue to burn off youthful exhilaration in a friendly and healthy environment while driving people away from delinquent behaviour. This can help to reduce community expenses in policing and health services.

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