Narberth Childrens Festival 2013

Next ramp is almost finished for Narberth Childrens Festival 14th and 15th August… check out the event’s fbook page..


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Skate4Life – Gaza Strip first Skateboard Ramp


We’re stoked on this! Skate4Life project in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, is going very well and we’re about to complete our trip to Gaza Strip this week.
However this is not the end, we’ll keep connected with the little shredders we’ve met at the Al-Amal Sports Club and skateboarding is now officially part of the club activities.

Having reached this far we cannot forget about all the people and small companies/organisations that have helped us along the way to achieve such an important and difficult mission.
Every single person involved with Skatejam in the last year have contributed to make this real and keep us rolling.

There’re no words to express the happiness we’ve seen in the eyes of children in Gaza Strip during the execution of the project and we could only put this together thanks to YOU all!

Check our picture gallery, soon we’re gonna upload a new video…

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
a very special thanks to:

Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation

Al Amal Sport Club, Khan Younis, Gaza Strip – Ayman, Mustafa, Feris, Ahmad, Mahmoud, Mohamed, Bassim and Gaza Parkour.

PipeBoy – Camps Breakerz Crew – Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

Matt – Explore Corps, pioneering innovative supporter of recreation in Gaza, the Gaza Surf Club as well as one of the first to bring skateboards to Gaza. Thanks for all the advice, contacts and ideas.

Nathan – The Bedouins, skateboard artivism spreading skateboard culture around the world. Thank you so much for putting us in contact with many amazing people that surely we’re going to be connected with forever.

3Space – Specially to Nicola, who assisted us and found an wicked venue in central London to run our small exhibition The Art of Rolling.

Create – Specially to Matt for support and letting us set up The Art of Rolling exhibition in Brighton.

Mohamed Zakaria – Philadelphia Skateboards, thanks for everything, shame you couldn’t come in the end. There’ll be other ones and we hope to have you in the team! :)

Jesse Roberts – Rise Up International, thank you so much for coming our way and trying to reach the border with us. Real shame that there were delays and you couldn’t wait. Hope to have you with us pretty soon.

Bryce Campbell – Parlour Skate Shop, thank so much for donating decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and everything!!! Big shout out to Mile End skaters!!!

Jon Warburton and Darren – Lush Longboards, thank you for supporting us and all the equipment donated!

Tomas Jivanda – East London Lines and Hassan Ghani – The Real Thanks for showing interest in reporting what we’re doing.

Daz Windsor – Great help and lots of fun! Thanks mate!

Tim Bartelot – thanks for coming our way, shame you had to go back.

Parky- thanks for being involved and helping us so much with The Art of Rolling exhibition.

Pat Hiley-Thorne- Thanks for supporting us and all the help given through this year.

Ali Rocha- Thanks for all your help and support!

Stivs (Life4Land), M.W.M. and Z’Africa Brasil – Thanks for the tracks used on Skate4Life video

Hani Talat and Yehia – Thanks for the decks and time with us.

Mowaffaq, Sarah Sea, Hanza anb Amjad Ghazi Abu Jayyab – thanks for all the support.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Massive thanks to all the artists involved in the exhibition The Art of Rolling… Thank you so much for the amazing art submitted!!!

SHNMAU MAU • Chris Bourke • Neist • Kreeps • Richard De-Courcy • HorsezineKev GreyHarriet AlanaFrenchJakMcs • Sirus • Stuart KolakovicPippa Toole • P.Sharp1 • Rough Mike • Gareth ‘Woody’ Stones • Rupert Rose Antoine • Richard West • RUNRose Cronin

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Thank you so much for all the generous donors that have backed us through the indiegogo campaign or via paypal donations. You are amazing!!!

Richard de Courcy – Mohammed Zakaria – Laura Mackenzie – Bia Paiva – Flora Cavedon – Hassan Ghani – EcoLabs – Juliana Glan – Fabrizia Dorante e Rodrigo Frugiuele dos Santos Antão – Marianne Arake – Laurence Abernethy – Giulliana Dorante Macintosh – Gabriel Bemergui – Anna Boyle – The Lurker co – Marcela Dorante – Lewis Threadgold – Raquel Locali – Jayne Sparks – Amamda Dunn – Sian Saxton – Mark G. Pryke – Sarah Marshall – Katherine Turner – Robert Parsonson – Punker Bunker – Marc Day – Neil Conroy – Richard Bartelot – Caroline Buffery – Elizabeth Haughton – Vinca Petersen – James Anderson – Laura O’Regan – Tracy French – Lucy Mitchell – P Neale – Priscila Matano & Russell Skellon – Ivan Martinez Ruiz – Aldous Everard – Nicola Milne – Eleanor Escott – Brenton O’Loughlin – Chris Newton – Vctor Maas Pellejero – Rebecca Brueton – Catherine Toch – Eliana Gomes de Sá & Ademir Demarchi Costa – Celão – Vila Skate – Michelle Fagan – Cameron Hill – Daisy Brown – Mark Simmons – Silver Tooth Mark – Jessica White

Special mention to Stevie and Ali for rescuing and storing our gear and artwork while we were delayed abroad.
as well… Thank you to all the people that couldn’t donate but still have spread the word on facebook or sending links to friends.

This was our first international project and we’re very happy to say it was rad!!!

There will be many more to come!

For this first one we only got together a limited number of skateboards, some have been left in the care of the club and some have been distributed to promising skaters, there’re still so many of them asking for skateboards so if you have any spare skateboard gear get in contact and send it over! It would be much appreciated by the children of Gaza.

Keep connected! Keep us rolling! Donate, collaborate, get involved!


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Days 3-4 Khan Younis Al Amal Ramp

Fifty children appear every afternoon which makes continuing with the build a little tricky!  At least the sun is out and there is a big yard for them to skate around in before it’s ready.

P1030224 P1030347



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Day 1 Skate4Life Khan Younis, Gaza Strip

Day 1 we picked up the materials and started the cuts for the ramp at Al Amal Sports Club.  We have around ten people involved in the build…many many more keen to get on a board.  What a surprise.. kids love skateboarding..

In the evening walking from the place we are staying to the club takes about 7 minutes and there are children everywhere who come along with us.  Power supply has been out for many hours at a time, people use generators sometimes to fill the gaps.  Water supply is also intermittent. But spirits are indefatigable.

P1030204       P1030221     
P1030296       P1030305



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We are in Gaza!!!

We finally made it in to Gaza yesterday!
Going to pick up the timber and plywood today and planning to start building the skatepark this weekend.

keep connected, join our mailing list and donate if you can.


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East London Lines

Plans to build a skatepark in Gaza are underway as SkateJam reach Egypt and prepare to cross the border…

East London Lines

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Thank you to contributors

We didn’t reach our target but we are very glad to thank all the contributors to the online campaign.  Every contribution, no matter how small, means you take a share of the ramp project. We hope you will follow the progress as we make our way into Gaza in the next couple of weeks.  We still have some paperwork to sort out but are happy to announce that we have received an invitation from Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip.  We are aiming to work alongside the Al-Amal Sports Club where the local Parkour group operate from.

The project will include workshops by Camps Breakerz from Nuseirat Camp, carpentry, skateboarding activities with children and young people.  None of it would be possible without the support we have had from the artists who donated work to the in the November exhibitions, Parlour Skate Store, Mile End who are giving decks and trucks, Van Dem MFG, who are giving protective equipment and the many individuals who have given their time and contributions. In particular Ahmed from Camps Breakerz for giving us so much support, encouragement and time over the past year.

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10 days left!!! Contribute today and keep this project rolling!

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SKATE4LiFE – Indiegogo Campaign – Gaza, Palestine Skatepark Project

Hey everyone,

As many of you must know, we’re going to GAZA!!! Yes, it’s happening!
We’re going to Cairo first in mid February where we’re gonna buy the plywood and timber necessary to build a miniramp and then transport the materials to Rafah border (Egypt / Palestine).

We’ve started a crowdfunding campaign to make this project as good as we can.
Please check it out:

We can’t wait to be there, teach the kids how to build skate ramps and obviously how to sherd!!!

Please help us to keep rolling!

Skatejam Team

Skate4life is a educational project proposed by Skatejam.
The project aims at teaching carpentry, art and skateboarding to young people in Gaza, Palestine.


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Send us your old skateboard gear!!!

We’re collecting old/used skateboard gear so we can take them to the kids in Gaza next year.

If you have any old or second hand pair of trucks, set of wheels, decks, bearings or hardware that has no use, please send them to us:

Skatejam – (Gaza donation)
144B Whiston Road
E2 8RR

We will be happy to receive any skateboard gear new or second hand.

Skateboard gear that has no use to you could be essential to put together a skateboard in Palestine.
If you are unable to post it, send us an email and we’ll find a way to collect it:

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